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Pre/Post Wax Care

Pre Waxing Care

Prior to any body treatment, please bathe and freshen up! 

Avoid applying lotions and oils prior to service.

Allow hair to grow 1/4 inch before service if you have been shaving.

Exfoliate 24hrs before service in order to remove dead skin and minimize chances of ingrown hairs & bumps.

Wear loose and comfy clothes to prevent rubbing and irritation.

Post Waxing Care

Keep waxed area clean and avoid touching.

Avoid baths or swimming for 24hrs, avoid heat and sun exposure.

Gently exfoliate daily to prevent ingrowns, moisturize daily and use sunscreen.

Any mild sensitivity or irritation after service can be soothed by a cold compress

Return 4-6 weeks for service


Avoid Wetting lashes for 24hrs


Avoid water activities for 48hr

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Clean & brush lashes daily

no 2.png

No curling lashes

no 5.png

Avoid oil-based products

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Avoid sleeping mask

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Avoid touching lashes

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Avoid mascara

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Return for fills every 2-3 weeks

Eyelash Extension & Lash Lift Care

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